An Elderly Woman Fell On The Sidewalk. One Woman Couldn’t BELIEVE What Everyone Else Was Doing To Her!

It is so, SO easy to get caught up in your own little world when you’re going about your day. Hey, I am the first person to pull on earphones while I’m walking around town. I’m just trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. I usually don’t notice what’s going on around me other than to watch for passing cars. But there is no way that I would ever do THIS if I saw an old woman who had fallen on the street! I can’t believe these people!


It only took one kind stranger to help this old woman up, and so many people just passed her by without even stopping. I’m not sure that I believe anyone actually steppedĀ overĀ her, but it’s quite possible if there was a big enough crowd. It didn’t take that long to help this woman, although I probably would have brought her to the hospital instead of her home. Either way, this woman’s concern for the elderly is so very touching! It’s easy for people to forget that one day soon, they will need help, too. Growing old happens to all of us, and we should help those who are elderly while we can!

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