An Airport Hired This Therapy Pig To Calm Nervous Passengers Before Flights!

Flying is a stressful process. Arranging transportation to show up on time, having to guess how long airport security might take, flight delays or cancellations, layovers, keeping track of luggage, and so much more?! It’s a lot to pack into a short amount of time, and for many people, the entire ordeal leads to extreme travel anxiety.

The San Francisco International Airport is trying to combat those stresses from traveling by hiring their first ever therapy pig! Her name is LiLou!
The airport has just about 300 dogs and cats that participate in the program (named Wag Brigade) which help to calm people while they wait for their planes or taxis or shuttles.She is the first little pig to join the program, and they are pretty sure that she is currently the only pig with this job in the whole country! She was accepted into the program after displaying her friendly nature and adorable piggy snout…and she loves to wear costumes and paint her nails! She has fun performing tricks and cuddling with new friends.When she isn’t at the airport, she spends her time visiting senior centers and hospitals to cheer as many people as she can in her free time. She has thousands of fans online, too! Everybody loves LiLou the pig!

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