Ambulance Parked Quickly To Rush And Save A Life…Comes Back To THIS Note On The Windshield!

These paramedics in the U.K. were rushing to save a life, but what greeted them on their windshield was so outrageous, they had to post a response.

The team had received a chilling call about a man who was incredibly ill. He had been vomiting blood and needed immediate help to try and save his life. They rushed onto the scene to assess the situation…but someone from the neighborhood didn’t appreciate their parking job.

You may be saving lives, but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive” the callous note said.

They barely gave it a second glance as they rushed the man to to the hospital. They did what they could, but when they last saw the man, he was in critical condition. They don’t know what happened to him – only that they had done their best to help.

When they finally got a moment to read the scrap of paper that had been left underneath a windshield wiper, they were appalled.
They took pictures of the aftermath, the ridiculous note looking petty and sad next to the floor of their ambulance covered in blood.

Our staff will always try and park considerately, but sometimes, there just isn’t time.” They wrote.

The community was disgusted that someone would take the time to leave such a note and hoped that sharing the story might help people to have more compassion.

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