Amazon Scam Involves Lumps Of Clay Inside Of iPhone 6S Boxes Instead Of New Phones! It Isn’t What You Think…

So much of our lives are online now. You can live inside of your home and never leave the house. For anything. You can order groceries, pay your bills, and even work online without ever needing to take a step outside…well, except to pick the package up off of your front porch, of course. Instead of going to the store to make a new purchase, some people are ordering products online, and as you’ll see, they aren’t always getting what they pay for!

And while you might not know who you are buying from…sometimes, these sellers don’t always know who they are selling to that becomes a problem.

The case revolves around a seller that deals iPhone 6s products. The had nearly 600 5-star reviews on the site, praising the quality of their products and conditions. But suddenly…1-star reviews came pouring in, claiming that they never received the product they had ordered. Seems suspicious, right?6.24a9

The reviewers are claiming that they had received boxes filled with clay instead of a phone! They clay conveniently covered the serial numbers so that tracking the device would be difficult. The reviews are suspicious, and one software engineer realized what was happening.

The sellers weren’t the scam artists, it was the buyers. They were opening the boxes, removing the new phones, and filling them back up with clay. They took pictures, expressed their anger, and collected the $935 refund that Amazon promises as a part of a buyer’s protection service. Then, they can sell their new iPhones on the street to double their profit…with almost zero risk involved.6.24a10

He is almost positive that it was one person making new accounts and having the phones shipped to friends house for a slew of different reasons. Sadly, they will probably get away with it for a while before Amazon picks up on it.

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