Amazing Pitbull Rescues A Puppy Tied Up In A Garbage Bag!!

Meca is a pitbull that found herself in a shelter in Spain. She had been put up for adoption, and the volunteers were taking pictures of her to put on their Facebook page. Pictures of cute pups help them to get adopted, but if they hadn’t had their camera on them, they might not have documented what happened next! Meca caught the scent of something in a nearby trash dump. While it smelled disgusting to the volunteers, they had a feeling that Meca was on to something.

She tugged and pulled at her leash, begging them to continue on with her. She led them to a black plastic bag, and the volunteers weren’t sure why…until they saw it move, just a bit!4.27a5

They opened the bag to reveal a live puppy! Her mouth had been tied shut with a ziptie, and her paws had been tied together so that she couldn’t escape or bark for help. Some horrid person had left this puppy to die of thirst or suffocation.

Pit-bull Saves Puppy Thrown In TIp In A Plastic Bag
No one wanted to think about what would have happened to the poor little dog if Meca hadn’t caught the scent and heard the near-silent whimpers.

Pic show: Campa, the saved puppy. A pit-bull has won the hearts of many netizens after it rescued a puppy that had been tied up and thrown away in a rubbish dump inside a plastic bag. The moving tale occurred in the city of Almeria, in the southeast Spanish region of Andalusia. The heroine is called Meca, a rescue dog that lives in an animal shelter and was at that moment in time having her photo taken to find adoptive parents when she caught the scent of the trapped puppy. Her carers at the shelter described how Meca began to pull on her lead and led them to the site of a rubbish dump and to a bundle wrapped in a plastic bag which turned out to be a live puppy. The little dog had its legs and nose tied up to stop it escaping or barking and had been put in a plastic bag. But none of these methods could overcome the sensitive smell of another dog, who saved the pup from certain death. The little pup, which has been named ‘Campa’ was taken in by the shelter workers. They said: "We don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if Meca had not found her. She was very hungry and thirsty, but she is ok." More good news is that since the story has been shared, both the pup and her saviour have received various offers for adoption from people who saw it online. The pup Meca was not only abandoned by her owner, but when the shelter found her she was very thin, her ears had been cut and she was covered in burns. The authorities have asked for any information from the public as to who might be responsible for throwing away the puppy. (ends)

They decided to name her Campa, and with a bunch of extra love, attention, and rubs, she is on her way to recovery! Hopefully she will be adopted soon. Thanks to Meca’s daring rescue, this little pup has been given a new chance at life!

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