“Alternative Cuss Words” Are Approved By Moms Everywhere! (And Happen To Be HILARIOUS!)

Compiled by comedian Tim Hawkins, he was upset when he realized that he had been struggling with expressing his feelings without using curse words. It went against his religion to freely use some of the more common four-letter-words floating around in society, and one day, he decided to ask social media for help.

As Christians, we still get angry, frustrated, we have fits of rage once in a while…but we have no way to express that, and that’s wrong. That needs to change.” He said.

He asked his friends and family to come up with some of their favorite alternatives to curse words for everyone to use. He even ranked them in the order of “angriness!”

This list quickly went viral, and people got a good laugh out of it too. Even using a few of these would not only vent out some of their frustrations…but just by using the old-timey phrases, would probably end up diffusing some of the anger in the process. Do you have any alternative curses that get used in your house? This list is hilarious!

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