Alternating Between Shiny And Dull, She Glued $130 Of Pennies To Her Floor To Create This Design

We’ve seen designs using pennies before, but never quite in a scale as grand as this! The room needed a new floor, and the idea of using pennies seemed exciting. Using Elmer’s glue (and wood-filler to fix uneven boards and miscellaneous holes), grout, and Epoxy…the process began. She started without a design in mind, but did start at the center with diamond shapes. Alternating between the shiny and tarnished, it looked nice, so she continued. She let the diamond in the center dry completely before moving on so the pennies wouldn’t shift and end up off-center.11-15a1Trial and error led to several attempts at creating a design for the corners. Without a solid plan to start with, the fun part was discovering what might look best, and what the final design would look like. Here is one that didn’t make the cut:11-15a2After a layer of unsanded grout (in charcoal), a thick layer of Epoxy was applied to keep everything pristine. A glossy floor with a vivid design sets this room apart from others, and the hard work and patience has certainly paid off. The final design in the corners adds extra depth.
11-15a3 People have commented saying that they would love something like this as an entryway, but some say it is just too much. The glossy coating is too distracting…but in the end, it all comes down to personal preference! Would you like a floor like this one?


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