Almighty Reasons Why Puppy Bowl Is The Best Sports Competition Ever


A battle for cuteness and barking rights. The sweetest and cutest puppies battled it out last Super Bowl Sunday, and whether you picked Team Ruff or Team Fluff, it is very certain that you had a good time watching these adorable munchkins compete and just be plain cuddly. The beautiful participants in the Puppy Bowl came from SPCAs, shelters, and pet rescue centers from across the country.


This year’s event has been more enjoyable, thanks to the new scoreboard that provided fans with real-time updates. Meanwhile, how can anybody miss the giggling goat cheerleaders that took to the gridiron to cheer on the puppy madness, the fireworks from Katty Furry, or the fun tweets from Meep The Bird?

The fans just get more and more reasons to anticipate and participate on this show every year as it is arguably the best sports competition ever. There is no way there can be anything existing on this planet that is cuter than these puppies. There is no resisting the close-up shots from the bowl cam, the slow motion capture of the Too Cute cam, and last but not the least, the kiss cam. Sometimes it is hard to look at these babies for long lest you will melt!cutecam

But not to be outperformed, the Kitty Half-Time show is equally a source of delight. This features kittens playing with lights, laser pens, balls of yarn, a scratching post, flint sweepers, and a wide variety of other toys. There is no way this is not cute because a cat only needs to tilt its head to make their adoring fans cheer.

However, in the end, it is all about the puppies, as Cara the Shih Tzu won the entire thing and the hearts of the entire world who tuned in. Last year, the event was championed by Loren, a Brittany, while Marta, a Schnauzer and Beagle Mix took the trophy prior.

For all its cuteness and the unadulterated fun it offers, there is definitely no denying the Puppy bowl as the best sports contest in the history of adorableness. See you next year!

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