All She Wanted Was A “Quarter Pounder” From McDonald’s. Grandpa Played The PERFECT Prank!

While hanging out at her grandparent’s house, this teen thought she was about to get lunch from McDonald’s. Unbeknownst to her, grandpa had an ulterior motive: a second-level “dad joke!”

He called to ask if she wanted a Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s, and when she said yes, he knew that his evil plan would be a success! He bought the burger…but switched out the sandwich with something hilarious!

It was a handmade prank fashioned out of wood, a quarter, and a mallet glued to a clothespin. A very literal “quarter pounder.” She just stared at it, confused…and then started laughing!

Look at how proud he is of his silly prank!

The chance to pull off a joke on his granddaughter was just too much to pass up!One person wanted to know if had been to a local flea market recently because his grandfather makes those exact “quarter pounders” to sell on the weekends!

It turns out that all grandfathers may be in on the joke.

What would you do if you were expecting a delicious burger…and instead got a joke?!

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