Air Force Veteran Has Sewage Leak And No Insurance To Fix It. Neighbors Band Together To Repair It!

Mike Meehan and his neighbors quickly realized that there was a problem with their elderly neighbor’s home. A sewer line burst in his front yard, and as a result, it was backing up into the houses nearby. The man hadn’t gotten it fixed, but instead of getting angry, the community decided to ask him what had happened.

My neighbor Gregory who is elderly, retired, and disabled recently had a sewer line break in our shared front lawn. The sewage was backing into the houses. After speaking with Greg a few times about the issue It became clear that he didn’t have the insurance needed to repair the sewer or have sufficient funds, actually none. As you can imagine it was an unpleasant situation and was not something that should be left unattended. Andrew, my cousin, spoke with Gregory and also found out that he is a retired air force veteran. After a few rounds of conversation back and forth, Andrew decided he wanted to help Gregory in a time of need.”

This Saturday, on his day off, and with a $1,000 donation (cost of material), he gathered some help and put a new sewer line in for him. Thank you Andrew for giving back to your community and for helping Gregory and my family. The world could definitely use more people like you.”

Instead of getting angry, reporting his neglected problem, or trying to get him into trouble with the city…they decided to help. They figured out a way to help him and donated their money, time, and resources to help him take care of a problem that he couldn’t handle on his own. Respecting our veterans is important, and helping the veterans in our communities is always something to be proud of.

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