Air Force Dad Seen For The First Time By Visually Impaired 9-Month-Old Son

Brandon Caldwell was deployed to Antarctica when his son, Reagan, was given his special glasses. Two months passed, and Brandon was finally able to say hello to his son…and his son was finally able to see his father!

Brandon began to sing “Patty Cake” to Reagan, but the boy already knew that he was being held by daddy. The little baby rested his head on dad’s chest, snuggling as close as possible. It was one of the family’s hardest deployments yet.

You can see how hard it was for Brandon to be away from Reagan by the emotion he showed when he finally had him in his arms again,” his wife, Amanda, said. “Reagan did not skip a beat and is loving having daddy back home.”

Little Reagan came down with Group B Strep shortly after birth, which led to health issues including meningitis and sepsis. He recovered in the ICU, but it left him with vision impairment.

Other moms should ask questions, do research on it, and if they think there’s something going on with their baby take them into the pediatrician or the emergency room immediately.” Amanda warned.

Finally, he was able to see the people around him that loved him so much. He was able to focus on his environment and process the world he was growing up in. This precious moment was captured forever, and the family is so happy to have shared this incredible moment!

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