Against Impossible Odds, This Grandmother’s Secret Was Outed In The BEST Way!

We’ve all heard the far-fetched story of losing a wedding ring and finding it later. The odds of it showing up again are so low, that when a ring is found, its story usually goes viral. After losing a ring in a desert, on the beach, and on a carrot in a garden, these stories always make us feel good to know that somewhere out there, there is still hope, no matter how crazy the odds sound.

Well, what are the chances of it happeningĀ twice? Pretty low. In fact, the odds are so outrageous, it’s almost not believable…but fortunately for the rest of us, there is a picture to prove it!

In 2004, Mary Grams was out working in her garden when she realized that her wedding ring had vanished. After pulling a particularly stubborn weed out of the ground, she noticed that her ring was gone. She searched for hours, but the ring never turned up. She had owned the ring since 1951 and couldn’t bring herself to admit her mistake to her husband.

She had the ring quietly replaced and never told him.

Five years after her husband’s death, Grams received a call from her daughter-in-law. She had been working in the garden and pulled up a carrot. That carrot shocked her, because wrapped around it was a ring!

She began asking the family who had worked the farm before them, and that’s when grandma’s story came out! Her son knew about the missing ring, but Grams is just glad to have the original ring back and was excited to wear it after taking pictures of the unusual carrot.

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