After You Toss That Coin Into The Fountain, THIS Is What Actually Happens!

For hundreds of years, the myth and tradition of “making a wish” on a coin has circulated the glob. Usually, the coins were wished on and tossed into a well or a lake…but what happens when people begin tossing their coins and wishes into man made fountains? Obviously, the coins can’t stay there forever…so, what happens to them?Depending on where the fountains are, many different things! Sometimes, the cities hire workers to clean out the fountains. If it isn’t a very busy fountain, workers usually get to keep the pocket change that they find and dig out of the fountains….but some of the more popular fountains around the world (mostly in tourist-heavy cities) can collect thousands of dollars every day! That’s a lot of change…and leaving in the fountain is not an option. Along with damaging the pipes, having that much change sitting around is just not sustainable.

In some cities, they rely on the passing homeless and needy citizens to clear up most of the change. Other cities collect the money and donate it to food kitchens and organizations that help the needy in the area. Since these fountains are in public areas, the coins aren’t technically anyone’s.

In private areas, however, a portion of the coins collected are kept to pay for the fountain’s maintenance and usually donated to help others!

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