After This Kitten Was Placed In A Foster Home, She Began To Suffer From A Mysterious Illness

They were calling it “alien face,” but they had no idea what was causing her hair to fall out at such a rapid pace. Gaia the kitten was discovered on the outskirts of a feral cat colony, alone and injured, suffering from infection and malnutrition. Rescuers from National Kitten Coalition took her into their foster program and hoped to save her life.

They treated her injuries as best they could, but the three-week-old kitten was finding it hard to recover. Fever and diarrhea were causing significant weight loss, so her carer made the call to put her through the “fading kitten protocol” which would mean she received constant care and nourishment to try and save her life.

She was losing hair on her face and body with no explanation. All tests came back negative, and they weren’t sure that she would make it…
But one week later, she finally showed signs of improving! Slowly, she began to eat more – even branching out into solid foods – and her hair started to re-grow!

Three weeks later, she was well on her way to being fully recovered.The kitten had a rocky start in life, and while the vets still don’t know exactly why her hair fell out so mysteriously, everyone was happy to see her recover!

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