After This DIY Upgrade, Her Hollow Core Doors Change From ‘Blah’ to BEAUTIFUL!

Many homes are still sporting these orange-wood panel hollow core doors equipped with golden knobs that were popular in the 1990s. You might even have these in your home right now and be at a loss as to how to upgrade them. Purchasing new doors is expensive, and if there is nothing broken, replacing them seems like a waste of time and money…but one clever lady decided to change them, and her method is shockingly simple. 10-21a5The first thing she did was paint the trim around the doors and carpet. She used painter’s tape, plastic, and anything she could find that would keep the paint from getting onto the carpet. As the paint was drying, she took her doors off of their hinges and purchased strips of decorative trim and marked where she wanted them. She decided to start the trim six inches from the floor, and the rest of the trim was attached five inches from all edges of the door, resulting in a very modern looking door.10-21a6She attached the trim with wood glue, keeping it in place with pieces of tape while it dried completely. Once everything had dried for over 24 hours, she applied a second coat of paint. Once the doors were put back in, and the door knobs had been painted black, the entire look and feel of the hallway changed completely. 10-21a7With doors like these, it no longer felt like a time machine taking her back several decades. The value of her home wouldn’t be dragged down when it came time to sell, and above all else…it only cost about $20! Find more details here!


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