After Their Son Inspired Them To Go Back To School, They Share Their Graduation Photo

When Charles Cole III graduated with a bachelor’s in political science, he made an impression on his parents that they just couldn’t shake. He went on to earn his master’s degree from San Francisco State University, but he wasn’t stopping there. He pressed forward to follow his dreams and is now earning his doctorate in Educational Leadership at the age of 33.

But this story isn’t about Cole III, it is about his parents.

Our son is a go-getter. By seeing his energy, his drive to just ‘do,’ it kind of pushes us.” His parents said in an interview with ABC News.

Charles Cole Jr. and his wife,¬†Renat√©, decided that it wasn’t too late to start following their own dreams. They were inspired by their son. If he could do it, they decided, then they could do it as well.

But it wasn’t just the fact that they went back to school later in life that has people impressed. The couple fought off a serious crack addiction that put their dreams on hold. After fighting off the debilitating substance, the pair is proud to say that they have been sober for the past twenty years and pursued their dreams with hope.

Husband and wife graduated from Sacramento Theological Seminary, and mean to use their knowledge to help homeless veterans. They aren’t stopping, either. The pair is pursuing their doctorates and plan to start their own church to help their community as much as they can.

It is never too late to follow your dreams.

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