After Their Home Was Destroyed In A Fire, A Complete Stranger Stopped Them At The Check-Out Line

The Lackey family was devastated after wildfires destroyed their home, office, and sources of income in one fell swoop. They had little more than the clothing on their backs, and a quick trip to Target was quickly overwhelming with the things that they needed to try and piece their lives back together.

Filling a cart and taking stuff out; back and forth…Finally, we made it to the register. The woman behind me was staring with confusion and pity. I thought it was because we should let her go in front of us because she only had three things.” Suzi Lackey wrote on Facebook.

But the woman wasn’t annoyed, and when she stopped the couple to tell them something, they were stunned. 

Put it all up there. Get it all.’ She said, ‘Please it’s the least I can do.’ Long story short the kindness of this nameless woman picked up our entire bill of over $1000 dollars.”

Their story is similar to many in the area who found their entire lives destroyed overnight by the fires. They shared it to thank the woman publicly for her incredible act of kindness.

Day-by-day, one moment at a time, one small act of kindness at a time to all in this time of need…God bless you Santa Rosa community, friends and family!”

They may be starting over, but having the support of their community meant the world to them.

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