After Suffering Abuse And Losing Her Child, She Wanted To End Her Life…Until A Complete Stranger Did THIS And Changed Everything.

I can’t imagine what someone must feel when they decide to end their life. I would think that the words “helpless” and “alone” might not come anywhere close to the amount of pain and suffering they are feeling. I haven’t had to experience this in my life or in the lives of anyone I have ever known, but the way this man describes what this battered woman has gone through really shook me. This kind of thing happens all of the time, and in this case, no one stopped to help this woman aside from one brave man who didn’t really think about what an impact he would have on her life. This story is chilling, and it left me with tears in my eyes.


Wow. This story is incredible and it gave me a whole new respect for anyone who has suffered in this way. Staying strong in the face of such heartbreak can be extremely difficult. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us that it will be okay. We just need someone to lean on and help us find the next step in our lives. This man saved her life that night, and I will never forget this lesson. If someone is in pain, help them! You never know if you just might save their life.

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