After Someone Suggested He Grow A Beard, He Didn’t Look Like The Same Person! This Transformation Is Unbelievable!

We all have a thing or two we’d like to change about ourselves, but most people thought there was only so much they could do…until they saw the incredible story of Gwilyn Pugh. At 21, he had started an insurance company in his spare bedroom and was making a living from home. Unfortunately, it also meant that he had begun to gain weight. He wanted to be more active, but didn’t know where to start. It all changed when he joined a folk band and followed one unexpected suggestion: grow a beard.

It wasn’t necessarily “office attire,” but Pugh didn’t technically work in an office. To look the part of being in a folk band, he decided to give it a go! He became more active, followed his passions…and grew the beard.

He created an Instagram account to track his progress over the course of his weightloss and the growth of his beard. It was so spectacular that eventually, he was spotted by brands that thought he’d make a great model. 

He doesn’t even look like the person who started a business in their spare bedroom…and now, he models for high end brands across the globe! His life took an incredible, unexpected turn, and it was all thanks to hard work, dedication…and a very convenient beard!

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