After So Many Years Of Loving His Best Friend, He Couldn’t Handle It When He Found THIS In Her Diary!

Do you remember your first love? It could have been a crush in middle school or a person to hold hands with in the hallways during high school, or hey, maybe you even ended up marrying your high school sweet heart! We all had that one crush who was “so perfect,” and maybe you stayed up late at night planning your lives together without ever really talking to them in person. For this guy, his crush turned into love before his very eyes, but he just couldn’t ever make himself do this 

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While this story may have been altered since it’s first telling, I can completely relate! Losing a chance to be with someone that you love can be so hard, and learning that they loved you back the entire time is the perfect definition of a bittersweet ending. Although they were never able to voice their true feelings, this man can live with the comfort that she loved him just as much as he loved her at one point. They could have led different lives. They might not have been better or worse, but they could have been different. This is sweet. Let the people in your life know that you care about them! We never know how much time we have left to follow our happiness!

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