After Sleeping With His Socks On, He Woke Up To Find His Foot Had Turned BROWN!

Michael Onorati was 35 years old when he woke up to find that his foot had suddenly turned brown. After going to bed with his socks on, he didn’t expect to pull them off the next morning and see something so different. He took a picture at once and started searching the internet for answers. Why had his foot suddenly turned brown?!Reason after reason didn’t apply to him and began to get worried. Was it somehow frostbite? Had tissue in his foot began to die? He prepared to head off to the hospital but decided to text his girlfriend before her left…

As soon as she saw the picture, she started laughing!She confessed that she had been using his socks as tanning mitts when she couldn’t find her own! She wore the socks under a rubber glove, but when she was done with them, she forgot what she was up to and ended up putting them right back in the drawer!

He accidentally used them, causing the shock of waking up with one foot a lot darker than the other! Surprisingly, this is a fairly common occurrence and people were glad to be able to share their hilarious blunders with the world.

He’s just glad it wasn’t frostbite!

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