After Sanding Down Her Faucet, She Surrounded Everything With Tape For An INSTANT Upgrade!

Replacing bathroom faucets and handles is so expensive, it usually goes way down to the bottom of our “to do” lists! Why spend a few hundred on a new faucet when the old one works just fine? (Even if it is outdated…by a few decades.) That’s what one homeowner said, and decided to try something that seem a little crazy! After sanding down the shiny brass-colored faucets in her bathroom, she put down enough painter’s tape to surround each fixture by a good half inch.11-2a5By sanding away the glossy finish with steel wool, she got the new color to adhere perfectly. Once she was finished sanding…she sanded again and again! The key to the new color lasting as long as posssible is to sand away any material that would allow it to flake off over time.

After everything was sanded down, she covered the area in thick brown paper. With the sink protected, she moved on to the paint. The brand she used required a solid base coat, so she followed the directions exactly. Your paint may not require this step, so be sure to read the instructions.11-2a6She peeled away the brown paper and cut away the painter’s tape (to be sure no paint peeled away) and revealed a beautiful new sink! While the style may be outdated, the new color certainly isn’t! It keeps a “retro” feel without aging her bathroom.

Would you upgrade your sink this way? If so, you can find more details here!

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