After Minding Her Mother With Dementia, She Shares This Post For One Inspirational Reason.

Sandi W. posted a picture that many people ended up being able to relate to: a tattered scrap of knitting that had holes and snapped yarn. She laid it out on the sofa to take this picture and posted it on Facebook with a very powerful message.

She routinely cares for her mother, an 88-year-old woman living with dementia, which has started to impact her life in dramatic ways. While her mother had a true joy for knitting, the dementia was beginning to take its toll on her concentration.

But that isn’t the story. The true reason for her post was full of inspiration and hope.

Her mother loves knitting. She loves to feel the yarn and the weight of the needles in her hands, “but the outcome is different, which apparently she does not see. She just knits away.” Sandi wrote.

And she’s happy. She isn’t upset that her knitting doesn’t look “like its supposed to” because her brain no longer thinks and reasons like other people’s.

I thought I would share it so that if you have someone in your life with Alzheimer’s or dementia you could see something concrete as an illustration. Maybe it will help you to relate. God bless my mom, you and yours.”

The elderly woman may not be the woman that everyone remembers, but she still finds joy in every day – even if it isn’t from a place that anyone else would expect.

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