After Losing 195 Pounds, She Bravely Shows The World The Harsh Realities Of Massive Weight Loss

At 350 pounds, Aubrey Johansen’s doctors told her that she would only live another 15 years if she didn’t make a change. As a 25-year-old, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Growing up, she imagined living a long and happy life…but she realized that if she didn’t try to improve her lifestyle, that dream would never come true.

Even though she wanted to make a change, she was finding it hard to stick with any sort of routine. What really pushed her forward was the moment she was rejected from a singing program because of her weight. Being a singer was her dream, and although it was unfair to be treated differently because of it, she underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2014 to improve her life.10-4a16After the surgery, she began to eat better and exercising and lost over 150 pounds. While she had more energy and felt healthier, she didn’t feel as beautiful.

You have the vision in your mind of how you will look,” she said. “You think you’re going to be fit and gorgeous, not like a melted stick of butter.”


She plans to have the excess skin removed soon, but knows that the mental battle over her appearance will take more than just an outward change. She relies on her true friends to help her improve her life, and while she lost friends who didn’t approve of her surgery to begin with, she is happy for the ones who stuck by her through everything.


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