After Losing 169 Pounds, She Couldn’t Believe The Change It Made In Her FACE!

Kaylee Bonnett was only 24 years old, but she was the heaviest weight that she had ever been. At 481 pounds, she knew that she would have to make a change. Every part of her life had become a constant struggle; worrying about fitting through narrow doors and hallways or even something as simple as walking short distances would ruin her makeup when the exertion would make her sweat it all off.

While she was only in her early twenties, her doctor gave her the harrowing news: she was at real risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke, or developing diabetes.

She decided to take drastic measures and saw a doctor about gastric bypass surgery. The only problem was that the doctor didn’t think she could handle it. He gave her a chance to prove it: she had to lose 30 pounds on her own.

She took the warning seriously – at this point, it was a life or death decision – and tried her hardest. She dropped her daily calorie intake to less than 1,000, she cut out all processed sugars, sodas, and junk food, and made an effort to walk every single day…even if it was only a short distance.

She was fighting for her life.
Five months later, she had surpassed the 30-pound goal by 40 extra pounds! She proved to her doctor that she could handle the stress of the surgery and went forward.

It was painful. It was hard. She felt sick. But she knew that in the end, this was the best decision that she could make. One year later, she looks and feels like a completely different person – and people have noticed. She shared her journey on Instagram and gained thousands of followers who were inspired by her passion!

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