After Honking In Front Of This Address, This Taxi Driver Decides To Ring The Doorbell. That One Action Changed His LIFE!

Have you thought about what your life will be like once you get older? Will you be surrounded by children and grandchildren, or will you find other ways to spend your time? Will you live in your own home? Will you require constant medical care? These are the questions that we don’t like to think about because they are just too much of a reminder that we live such a short time on this planet. I don’t like to think about what’s in store for me 40 years down the road. If I do end up alone, I hope to meet someone like THIS before I go…


I don’t think this taxi driver knew what he was getting into when he knocked on this client’s door. Based on the behavior of most taxi drivers I have witnessed, they will honk and stay outside for¬†maybe¬†1 minute before they drive away. I’ve never heard of one actually exiting their car and ringing someone’s doorbell. This man went above and beyond when he decided to listen to that feeling he had, and it was so powerful that he had to share it with the rest of us. This story really touches me because who knows, in 40 or 50 years, this might be me. I hope that I meet someone who will do one last kindness before my time comes. Until then, I’ll just share this story and brighten everyone’s day!

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