After His First Day On The Job, His Manager Gives Him A Harsh Lecture…Until He Realizes THIS!

Moving to a new city is hard, and finding a new job can sometimes be even harder! Making friends, finding new places to go, and even just getting used to the way people act can be a challenge, too. This kid moved from a small town to a large city and had find a job as soon as possible. He was a little nervous about it, being in a new place at a new job in a big city, but he was determined not to fail. His first day ended with THIS lecture from his boss…


You know, if I had been the manager on the floor that day and an employee told me that he only helped 1 single customer, I would have also jumped to that same conclusion. However, if this manager wanted to know how much the kid sold, he should have asked a better question! The punchline to this story is just too much. I’ll admit, this kid got really lucky that a billionaire just happened to be shopping at the biggest store in town for his wife’s feminine products, but it was a funny read, anyway! It made me smile, at least.

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