After Her Post Went VIRAL, She Wants People To Know That It’s Okay To Look Your Age! Some Just Don’t Agree.

Her main problem? That even after her post went viral, people STILL missed the point!

People were commenting things like “u don’t say anything to those people just keep ur head down and ignore them.” And things like “don’t bother with those guys they always lie.” But these comments, Annick says, are exactly why she posted this in the first place.

Here is her original post, and it has everything to do with a company trying to sell products…by preying on her self-esteem.

4.15a24I was so horrified by the normalcy of his sales pich…that I took a picture of that wrinkled baggy face he was selling to…”


After the post went viral, she had a few things to clarify.

In 2016, refusing to accept self-loathing as a beauty standard is a radical concept. And that is just depressing on a whole other level.

Its not…about the salesman, who I am sure is very good at his job and following a script. Its about a billion dollar industry that depends on women hating themselves.

And its not about how pretty or not I am. According to whose standards can we decide what is beautiful anyway?

Its hard-wired into us from the cradle that our main value as a woman is beauty, and a standard of beauty that we can never actually attain. Even our supermodels get photoshopped.

Flip the script when you hear it. Every time. Until it loses its power. The next generation needs you to change the game.”

Do YOU agree with her statement? It’s got a lot of truth to it. The man did’t know how to sell her a product if she was already happy with the way she looked – the company had’t prepared for that at all. It’s an eye-opening thing to realize, and it isn’t a surprise that her post has been shared over 36,000 times. It’s nice to see someone stepping up and begging us all to take pride in ourselves and not to base our self-worth in what a company says we should.

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