After Her Foot Was Amputated, She Decided To Share It With The World

In the years leading up to her diagnosis, Kristi Loyall noticed a strange pain and occasional numbness in her foot. Eventually, her doctors discovered that she had cancer. Incredibly, the cancer hadn’t spread and was localized in her right foot. In April of 2016, they made the decision to amputate the foot as much as they could to get rid of every trace of cancer.

She decided to keep the foot.She sent the amputated limb off to a company that sterilizes bones and secures them in place, essentially turning her foot into a keepsake.
Every now and then, she takes her foot out on crazy adventures and documents the whole process, uploading them to her Instagram account, OneFootWander. Her pictures are tagged with the #FunnyBone hashtag because she’s got a great sense of humor.Her account documents the transition into life with an amputated limb, getting used to a prosthetic and finding humor in an otherwise frustrating situation. The pictures show people are different side of continuing life after a cancer diagnosis, and her optimism in the face of tragedy is inspiring.

Would you keep an amputated limb and take it around town?

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