After Heartbreaking Letter To Santa Goes Viral, Her School Was FLOODED With Gifts

When asked, most 7-year-old children would say that they wanted new video game consoles, bikes, and expensive toys. So, when this first grade teacher read one of the letters from her class, her heart broke.

The little girl hadn’t asked for a pricey cell phone or anything the teacher had expected…instead, the little girl had asked Santa for food, a ball for her brothers to play with, and a blanket.

The teacher shared the letter on Facebook, shocked to discover that the happy student didn’t have things that the rest of us take for granted. She wanted to help in any way that she could…but the teacher had no idea that her post would go viral.When people realized that students at the school didn’t have necessities, donations began flooding to the elementary school – especially blankets – from everywhere.

There were even donations that arrived from overseas!Just days after the post went viral, the school found itself with over 900 blankets and miscellaneous toys for the children!

The donations are still pouring in, and the school has exceeded its donation goal and hopes to help other children in the area with all of the gifts!

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