After Entire Villages Reported Crippling Headaches, He Realized That There Was A Simple Solution

Christopher Charles realized that there was something very wrong in the people living in Cambodia. Along with suffering from daily headaches and dizzy spells, children weren’t able to concentrate in school and adults could not concentrate at work. That’s when he realized that the people were suffering from severe iron deficiencies. When entire families were consistently unable to get enough iron, he decided to come up with a solution.

They call is the “lucky iron fish,” and it is saving lives. Iron supplements are available, but they are incredibly expensive. The lucky fish is less expensive and lasts for years.
11-6a7All a family needs to do is boil it in their soup for ten minutes. The lucky fish provides roughly 75% of an adult’s daily iron needs.

After just one year of using the lucky fish to cook their meals, half of the people who had reported the symptoms no longer suffered from the crippling headaches or frequent dizziness. The fish gained so much popularity that people purchase the fish instead of spending money on iron supplements! These little fish are improving the quality of life for people who had nowhere else to turn.

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