After Dying In A Freak Accident, This Son Saved His Father’s Life Thanks To Organ Donation

In Fort Worth, Texas, a family is grieving, thankful, and celebrating all at the same time after a shocking turn of events.

For decades, Nate Castillo had lived with diabetes. It eventually became so severe that his own organs began to fail. In order to live, he would need a new kidney and was placed on the waiting list. It was a bittersweet thing to hope for, but he had to try. Little did he know, the new kidney would come at the cost of his own son’s life.

22-year old Symon Castillo suffered from a traumatic brain injury after what the family has called a “freak accident.” The young man fell off of a ledge on June 30, 2017, and later died of his injuries on July 5, 2017. The family knew that he had signed up to become an organ donor at the age of 18, but they had never imagined that he would be donating to his own father. The hospital tested the organ and discovered that it was a perfect match for his own father. As the family was planning their son’s funeral, Nate was undergoing the life-saving transplant. He was discharged a few hours before his son’s funeral service and couldn’t describe how he felt, knowing that a small piece of his son would live on.

I didn’t think he would be saving me instead of burying me,” Nate said.

But the father and son had seen each other just two days before when they played softball together, and had even told each other how much they loved one another. He was able to say goodbye. His son’s other organs were distributed to others in need around the city. His son was a hero, and he couldn’t be more proud.

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