After Drinking Too Much, He Leaves A Plea For The Attendant Checking Expired Parking Meters

Coming back to your car and finding a parking ticket is one of the worst feelings. The meter expired, you didn’t see the ‘no parking’ sign, or dozen other reasons can completely ruin your day! For one man in Wausau, Wisconsin, he was already expecting the bright red ticket on his windshield…but he was shocked when he saw what it said!

He’d been out drinking the night before and had a few too many. He decided to walk home instead of trying to drive, but he knew that it meant the parking meter would run out of time overnight. He left this final plea for the parking attendant who would walk by in the morning:

Please take pity on me. I walked home…Safe choices! 🙂 “

To his surprise, it worked! Instead of a fine, he found that his plea had been heard.


He was rewarded for his smart choices when the Wausau Police Department posted the story online.
The officer who had noticed the expired meter had a sense of humor, but decided to use the story to spread a larger message:

If you’re planning on drinking avoid driving altogether.” The department said.

Next time, the officer issuing parking citations might not be as forgiving!

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