After Collecting Over 100 Bottle Caps, She Came Up With The COOLEST Way To Decorate A Table!

Collecting things has been a favorite past time for centuries, but one of the more curious hobbies is collecting bottle caps. They aren’t particularly useful, but the unique designs and odd shapes make them easy to toss into a drawer for safe keeping. When this woman realized that she needed to find some way to display them instead of keeping them jumbled together, she came up with the perfect idea.

She started with a thick piece of plywood and used glue to keep it firmly in place. She screwed it down for extra support…and then got to work! She arranged her bottle caps in 13 rows of 13, working from the outside to the inside to keep each row as uniform as possible. She used liquid nails to keep the caps in place.She then added a border out of pine and painted it a vibrant red to match a few of the more exciting bottle caps! Once it was all dried, she decided to use a bright white grout to fill everything in.She applied a generous amount of grout and filled in the spaces between the caps and the red border. When everything was level, she took a damp cloth and wiped the grout off of the bottle caps so that they were displayed clearly.Do you have a bottle cap collection that would look great on a table? We think this project is too perfect!

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