After Being Stuck In Heavy Traffic, They Received A Strange Phone Call From A Car Behind Them

The traffic hadn’t moved an inch in the past quarter hour and it didn’t look like it would cleared anytime soon. That’s when something unexpected happened…her phone rang! The man on the other end said that his name was Andy and that he was about 3 cars behind theirs. He had a favor to ask, and the story would end up melting hearts across the world!

This wasn’t a normal vehicle, however, and the call wasn’t entirely unexpected. Inside of their large suburban was Sherman, a therapy dog. On their windows, a picture of Sherman along with their phone number alerted people to the precious cargo inside. The man hoped that he’d be able to say hello to Sherman while they waited for the traffic to start moving again.

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The man explained that he’d just been released from an extended stay in a nursing home. He had been recovering from recent back surgery – one of many – and just needed a hug from a friendly dog. When his health had begun to fail, Andy had been forced to surrender his own large dog and missed him terribly. Being able to snuggle with Sherman for a few minutes would mean the world to him.

Of course, they said yes! They scheduled an appointment…but the way the man’s voice had broken over the phone stuck with them. They called him back and told him to meet them in a nearby parking lot just for a quick hello! 

It was a move that they would never forget.

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