After Being Hit By A Texting Driver, 27-Year-Old Nurse Fights For The Ability To Walk Once More

On August 5, 2015, Haddie Borbely was struck in Bradford, England while crossing the street through a pedestrian crossing area. A distracted driver was texting and plowed through the crossing, pinning Haddie underneath the car. Though she was quickly freed from the wreckage, doctors and nurses and specialists worked through the night to save her life. Multiple fractures, dislocated joints, torn ligaments, and a broken ankle threatened to take her life at any moment, but miraculously, she was saved. 10-20a6

Although she was alive after the horrific accident, the doctors had news that devastated the woman: she may never walk again. She had been an avid hiker, loving to climb mountains and explore, spending a lot of her free time outdoors. She had even started dating a man named Tom two months prior. At the news, she told him that she wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to find someone else. She was no longer the woman he had started dating, but to her surprise, Tom didn’t leave.

Haddie decided that she would walk again, and was emboldened by Tom’s unexpected support.

Painful procedures designed to rehabilitate her left vicious scars along her legs. Skin grafts had been placed in areas where the bone had torn her skin, but Haddie learned to accept the scars as a reminder of her “journey back to life,” as she describes it.10-20a7

Only one year later, she began to walk with the help of crutches, building strength in her legs, and even discovering that her fibula had begun to grow back, earning her the nickname “lizard lady” from one of her doctors.

Her story inspires others to continue fighting for their lives, even when the odds seem impossible to overcome.


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