After Being Groomed, This Dog Had Enough Leftover Fur To Create Hilarious “Fur Styles” On Her Head!

Dog owners with dogs that shed are more than familiar with this frequent (and hilarious) process. Keeping fur off of the furniture is a constant battle, simply walking near your pet while wearing black comes with increased risk of finding fur unexpectedly later in the day, and the “rain” that happens when they begin to play in the living room are just a few of the constant struggles. So, taking the time to brush their coats and remove the excess fur is a great first step to keeping the shedding to a minimum…and this silly pup had enough excess fur to make an entirely new dog.

Sumi, a very patient Shiba Inu, poses proudly in front of her freshly brushed coat and waits for her human to take a few pictures. He quickly realizes that he has the perfect opportunity to take some silly pictures too…And Sumi quickly loses all of that patience she’d been storing.
She sits obediently as her human takes her shed fur and creates outrageous wigs made of her own fur, becoming less and less amused with each new style. Most dog owners were impressed that the dog had sat still for all of the pictures in the first place!

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