After Being Given DAYS To Live, This Man Does Something Unbelievable

Sean Swarner is no stranger to bad news, but it is his reaction to receiving a devastating diagnosis that has so many people talking. A depressing amount of people view a cancer diagnosis as “the end,” but Swarner has a different message that is inspiring people to keep fighting, to persevere, and to live.

Cancer. One word with so many emotions behind it. My only two options when I was 13 and diagnosed with cancer the first time were 1) fight for my life, or 2) give up and die. I was only given 3 months to live. Every time I had a treatment, I visualized myself inside my veins shooting the disease with chemo-loaded missiles. That combined with family support, prayer, and an inner will to live, was what got me through numerous nights not knowing if I was going to wake up. I was in remission for a few years until I heard that horrible word again and was given 14 DAYS to live. 10 years after being read my last rites and losing the function of a lung, I carried names of people touched by cancer to the top of the world – Mt. Everest. I trekked to the highest mountain on every continent and the South Pole – next is the North Pole. Every step of the way, people affected by this disease will be in my heart and on a flag. Through these journeys I’ve learned that we should not worry about dying, we should worry about not living a life that matters.”

Don’t take your time for granted. Go out and do the things you’ve always wanted to do! Start small and work your way up. Maybe its time to finally try that new restaurant in town, or take that hike on the nature trail. Maybe you have a phone call to make or a decision to reach. Take Swarner’s advice and live a life that matters.

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