After Being Awake For (Probably) “Over 80 Hours,” Chris Pratt Wrote This Fatigue-Induced Piece Of Genius To Anyone Looking To Follow Their Dreams.

Chris Pratt, known for being a quirky and sometimes oblivious character, posted a picture on his Instagram. It was a dark and rainy night, and there were no cars on the highway in front of him. After a long day of meetings and being up for nearly 24 hours, he was understandably exhausted…but he still had quite a bit to say about everything. While he obviously has a problem with math, you get the gist of what he’s trying to say. And it’s extremely inspiring.


I never stopped believing. Ever. Don’t give up.”


While he may not be good at math, he is good at motivating people into working just a little bit harder. Dreams don’t normally just fall into your lap. The perfect job won’t apply for itself. The audition can’t be done for you. If you don’t consistently try your hardest everyday, you may never reach the goals that you are shooting for.

While many are inspired, many others are taking what he says with a grain of salt. Some people work towards their dreams every waking moment and still aren’t where they thought they would be ten or fifteen years later – they say it all has to do more with “luck” than just plain ‘ol hard work.

What do you think? Are these celebrities just lucky, or did their hard work get them to where they are today?

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