After Battling Addiction, These Brothers Got Matching Tattoos To Remind Themselves Of The Journey

When people share stories from their lives on Facebook, it is usually something fun or amusing. “I just ordered pancakes and they look so delicious!” Or getting off of work early, or a picture of their outfit for the day. But every now and then, a story gets shared that brings a tear to our eyes. Something so meaningful that we wonder how just a few words on a screen can be so powerful. This is one of those stories.

The two wrists you see belong to my youngest brother Kyle and myself. Kyle has struggled with addiction for many years, and through his struggles he learned a life of addiction is no life at all. He has been in recovery for some time now and for the first time in a long while he feels like he is not just existing but really living. These tattoos represent strength, hope and stability.

He doesn’t always like what I have to say, but he respects it. And he knows I will always be there to help him stay grounded and encourage him to continue his sobriety. I will always be there to guide him and give him the stability and security he may need.

He can and will survive the roughest of waters during the most massive storms as long as he stays grounded and focused. And I will be there whenever he needs me. We thought that was pretty tattoo worthy.”

In a situation like Kyle’s, ever minute is a challenge and every day is filled with temptations…but the journey is the most important part. It is hard to focus and move past an addiction, but being surrounded by people who care helps to ease the burden. Their matching tattoos will be a constant reminder that they are in it together through a bond stronger than anything.

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