After A Year Of Planning, One Oversight Meant Her Grandparents Couldn’t Attend Her Wedding

When this couple was planning their destination wedding, they overlooked one important detail: accessibility.10-21a1

The couple had elderly guests that just couldn’t make it down the three flights of stairs the led down to the beach. While everything else had been planned meticulously, no one thought that the lack of a ramp would have been a problem. But as soon as this bride realized that their grandparents wouldn’t be able to attend, she began to make calls to every department in the area, hoping for someone to point her in the right direction.

Deputy Eric Alexander and Deputy Ryan Hooks knew that they could save the day! 10-21a2They loaded up everyone who couldn’t make it down the stairs into their vehicles and drove around and along the beach, but they didn’t stop there! They began escorting those who couldn’t make it down the stairs by helping them make it across the uneven beach sand into their chairs. The older guests might not have thought walking on uneven ground would be so difficult, but the deputies were ready and willing to help!10-21a3These are the types of oversights that can completely ruin a wedding, but when couples choose destination weddings, they aren’t always able to check everything beforehand. A wedding planner who is familiar with the specific locations might have caught the lack of ramps on the beach, but people who have never visited had no idea to even ask! Thankfully, the day was saved, and everyone was able to enjoy the ceremony!


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