After A Wildfire Destroyed Their Home, He Won The Lottery In A Big Way!

When a wildfire destroyed their home, the Pendergasts began the arduous task of rebuilding their life from scratch. It was exhausting, expensive, but above everything else, it was heartbreaking. Construction would be a constant worry until it was completed, and with so many pieces of their lives to put back together, it seemed too impossible to ever get back to “the way things were.” They were starting over…but they hadn’t lost hope.

Bill Pendergast had been visiting his father in the hospital when his dad called him to ask a favor. All he wanted was an ice cold soda, so Bill made the detour before continuing to the hospital. As he was standing at the check-out, he picked up a $3 lottery ticket just for kicks. ‘Why not?’ he’d thought. It turned out to be one of the best decisions he had ever made!

The next morning, he realized that his ticket was actually worth a million dollars! 

This changed everything. They would finally be able to finish the construction on their home, they would be able to sleep easier at night, and Bill was most excited for something very special…

He was going to get a Mustang! Finally, at the age of 50, one of his life-long dreams would be coming true!

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