After A Terrifying Discovery, 276 Dogs Were Rescued From A Single Home!

Officials are calling it “the worst case of animal hoarding in state history,” and once you hear the details, you will have to agree! 

It all started when a neighbor called animal control about a loose dog running around in the neighborhood. When investigators realized the huge amount of animals in the home, they had no choice but to raid and rescue the animals. Of the nearly 300 dogs, only two puppies needed emergency medical care. Supposedly, they were almost crushed by a piece of furniture.

Some of the dogs were giving birth when authorities arrived, and officials found tremendous amounts of feces and urine inside the home. The dogs were allowed to roam freely in the 3-bedroom house, and although neighbors had complained of a putrid stench, none of them could have predicted that so many animals were living inside.

We’re not bad people” one of the homeowners told the press.

Their problems started spiraling out of control when they brought 8 dogs into the house 3 years prior. None of the animals were fixed, and now they had simply lost control of the situation. While officials agree that the owners didn’t mean any harm to the dogs, charges would still be filed.

The animals were in good condition, aside from being dirty or having matted fur. They were all well-fed, and now all they need is loving homes where they can get the care and attention that they deserve. The owners were cooperative, but the conditions of the home shocked everyone involved. Volunteers wore hazmat suits and masks to retrieve the dogs, and are hopeful that they will find safe, happy homes very soon!

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