After A Night Of Hard Drinking, Man Reports His Car Stolen. Police Are Baffled When The Truth Comes Out!

Some people just don’t know when to stop! After a night of drinking, it isn’t unheard of to be a little fuzzy on the details. Some people even write notes to themselves to remember to do things in the case that they can’t remember something important the next morning…but this guy’s story tops ALL of that with just how insane it ended up being!

A man from New Zealand discovered that his car had been stolen after a night out with the boys and immediately reported the theft to the police. He hoped that he would hear something soon, but wasn’t that confident. When the truth finally surfaced, he had no memory of the events…

As they drank, their funds ran low, but he just didn’t want to leave yet. So, doing the sensible thing, he decided to get more cash quick and asked around the bar if anyone wanted to buy his car.

He sold it to a stranger for a little under $600 in order to “keep the party going.”

Luckily, that stranger hadn’t been as drunk as the would-be car salesman and checked online the next day to see if the car had been stolen. When he saw that it had, he took it to the local police station to explain to them what had happened the night before.

The police were amused and at a loss for what to do next. They got in touch with the original owner and decided to let the two men hash everything out on their own – the car hadn’t actually been stolen, so there was nothing they could do!

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