After A Night Of Drinking, Man Receives His ID In The Mail…Along With A SHOCKING Bill For Travel Plans!

When George woke up after a night of drinking, he realized that his license was missing. He wasn’t sure where or when he had lost it, but it wasn’t causing too much of a panic…until he received this foreboding package in the mail from a business travel company with his name written across the front.

Inside, he found his travel documents, revealing four flights to and from the Maldives. He wasn’t going in coach, either! The tickets were for four first class tickets on Etihad Airways! He didn’t remember it, but apparently he had booked travel accommodations from London to Abu Dhabi! The grand total for his week vacation in the United Arab Emirates came with a bill totaling £5,289.87! (Roughly $7,000!) that was due the next week. He panicked. Everything was already booked and ready to go! What was he going to do?!

He frantically began rifling through the documents, hoping to find a clue as to what in the world had happened… And realized that it had all been a prank!


We’re just kidding 🙂 we’ve found your driving license (enclosed) outside our shop and thought you might need it! Just make sure you consider us for your next holiday. Take care!


He posted the pictures on Twitter where they quickly went viral! George went back to meet Steve and thank him in person. People online hope that Steve has earned himself a nice vacation for his clever antics!

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