After 82 Years, A Mother And Daughter Finally Reunite. “It’s The Best Thing That’s Happened To Me.”

“It was like the beginning of my life,” Betty Morrell said when speaking about finally meeting her mother.

Betty’s adoptive mother told her that her biological mother had died in childbirth. Betty had no reason to question her, but once the woman passed away, Betty decided to write to the hospital she had been born in to see if she had any other living relatives. Betty had been searching for her biological mother at 30 years old in 1966 but had no idea if she would have any luck at all.

“I know I was loved and had a wonderful family. [But] There was that missing link. It just kept driving me.”

Due to the adoption being closed and the lack of technology at the time, Betty had no luck finding anything, but her granddaughter refused to give up hope. After combing through many resources and websites, Betty’s granddaughter discovered something incredible…Betty had a sister! When they reached out to connect, Betty learned that her mother had no died in childbirth and had actually had more children later on.



96-year-old Lena Pierce had given birth at just 13 years of age. Because she was a ward of the state, her daughter was put up for adoption, and the records were sealed and lost with time. When they were finally able to meet, Betty had to remind Lena that she was “Eva May,” the infant girl that she had been forced to give up much too soon.

“It’s an experience that not many get at my age or my mother’s age.” Betty said. “It’s the best thing that’s happened to me.”

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