After 74 Years Of Marriage, Elderly Couple Pass Away Within Hours Of Each Other

High school sweethearts, Hazel and Leonard were married in January of 1942 in a small town in Texas. They spent as much time together as they could every day. Leonard Cherry enlisted in the Army Air Corps at the beginning of World War II, becoming a B-24 bomber pilot. He was then stationed in Fort Worth and trained others to fly the plane.

After the war, Leonard decided to stay in Fort Worth, opening an auto body repair shop after learning the trade for some years. He and his wife operated the shop until 1980, when they decided to move closer to their son and get to know their only grandchild. Leonard sold the shop and the two spent their time with each other, their son, and grandson, showing a strong love that inspired many.11-3a4

But over time, Leonard’s health declined. For several years, he just hadn’t felt himself. At 95, he was placed into hospice care, and while Hazel was still in perfect health at 93, she decided to move into a nursing home just next door to remain close to her husband.

Days later, Leonard passed away at 1pm on a Thursday afternoon. Ten hours later, Hazel followed at 11pm.

I feel blessed that Daddy’s suffering is over, and I feel blessed that Mom is with him and that she didn’t have to live alone.” Their 72-year-old son, David Cherry, said about the incredible timing.

Hazel had still been driving around town and grocery shopping two weeks before her sudden death. Their son finds comfort in the fact that they are together once more.


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