After 137 Years, This South Carolina Family Finally Welcomes A Baby Girl!

When the Settle family welcomed a new baby girl into their family, they hadn’t realized just how significant the moment was.

The Settles were excited to start their family, and when they found out that their new baby would be a daughter, they were overjoyed. They planned a gender reveal party and announced to the rest of the family that they would be meeting a little girl in the next few months with an explosion of pink and purple balloons.

That’s when her husband started thinking…he didn’t have any sisters, and he knew that his father didn’t have any either. They started talking and weren’t sure if his father had had any sisters either. They began to dig into their family history.
Generation after generation, they discovered that there weren’t any daughters being born. Every set of children were only boys until finally, they found one girl who had been born 137 ago with the Settle name.

It was a shocking discovery, and the family shared it with everyone! They announced the arrival of the little girl on a billboard just outside of their hometown, and the local news picked up the story, which spread it further.

The adorable girl was named Carter, and they were more than happy to finally break the tradition!

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