After 13 Hours Of Work, She Was NOT Expecting To Have Her Day Interrupted By This Homeless Man…

What are you going to do for YOUR birthday this year? This woman does something incredible on hers, and her generosity is contagious! They didn’t realize how incredible their day was going to get, and for one man, it changed his life!
Just finished working over 13 hours on my feet. Time to go home. I let my son borrow my car till he gets his fixed. I will be taking public transportation today though my friend Juan offered to pick me up after work and drop me off. Instead, I decided to walk to Starbucks on Biscayne to get a cafe con leche. I was literally walking in my sleep. I sat for a while and talked to Juan about the shelter near me, the suicide line and the Lotus House. We have been discussing on how we are going to help the people in our community. It is his birthday this week. I gave him the idea of celebrating his birthday by giving back. What better way to celebrate your birthday or have meaning to your existence than to give back to those who are in need, right?! Every year for my birthday I do a fundraiser for a cause. I think it is the perfect way to do it. I have been doing volunteer work since I was 13 years old and raised my sons to do it. It is a part of our every day life.
I finished my conversation with my friend and started to walk. I don’t know why but I decided to stop at a gas station near the bus stop. I looked over and said good morning to this man sitting on a curb. I slowed my walk and asked how he was doing and if he had eaten. He said, no. He accepted my offer of getting him some sandwiches. He was very grateful. I humbly thanked him for allowing me to do that for him and I wished him a good day. He blessed me and I proceeded to walk away.
I stopped, looked back and walked back to him asking if he lived close. He said he lives in the woods. Needless to say, I sat and we talked for a few hours. I asked if he was hurt because I saw him touching his leg. He showed me his scars. He also has a scar on his head from a fall. I slightly hugged him. I did not want to scare him.
He said he is smelly. I said, it’s ok I am smelly too. We will be smelly together and he cried. I patted him on the back and told him how I have been homeless and hungry too. He looked at me, cried and smiled at the same time.
I told him I would be going home to look at some information on the computer to see what barber shop is open. He agreed to allow me to get him a haircut and a shave. I never believe in the word “promise.” A persons word should suffice. I asked if he’d wait for me. He promised he would. I believed him.
I explained my friend Juan would be on his way after 12 noon. I’ll get the kids clothes for him and set things up so I can get him to take the shower he wanted and get him to the barber. So it would take a little while. He said he’d wait. I spoke to Juan. He was going to meet me at my place after he got out of church. I rushed home, washed my sons clothes that I knew would fit. I took the umbrella without thinking. Have no idea why because it was sunny. I went back to the spot and saw him there waiting for me. So I gave him my umbrella. I told him in case it rained. He smiled and said it was sunny.
A man in his car saw me and said; “you are a blessing. It is nice what you are doing.”
I said; “he is a blessing and it is an honor that he is allowing me to do it.”
I decided to go to Walgreens to get him some sweats. Guess what ?! It started pouring. It was the best rain I have ever felt in my life. I was laughing as I ran to Walgreens. Juan met me there and we went and picked the man up. I noticed he has difficulty walking. Got him in the car and took him to my place. I gave him a large towel that my son uses. I thought he’d like that. Gave him their man soap, new sponge and set him up. He finished and got dressed.
We got in Juan’s car and went to the hairstylist for his hair cut and shave. I have to say that at first the people in the salon did not expect this but, were absolutely compassionate and kind. I was WATCHING every move they made. No one was going to abuse this beautiful man on my watch. Stacey of Hair cuttery at 1788 Biscayne was amazing. She gave him suggestions and asked him questions on a look he’d be happy with. His hair was terribly matted. Told him he’d look like George Clooney when she finished. He giggled and was all smiles. She gave him the best conditioner and hair wash with a massage. He was treated like a King. We thanked them and left.
Juan went to his place, got him a pair of sneakers, more clothes and a rolling suitcase so he does not have to carry anything. Juan bought him more clothes at another place and then we got him some dinner.
He wanted to go to “his” spot. He did not want to go to a shelter. We gave him our numbers and told him I’d take him to the DMV Tuesday to get his drivers license. We agreed he’d get in touch with me so I can pick him up. (I already called someone to borrow a car.)
One thing I will never forget: He told me he felt human again. He did not feel like a freak anymore.
I said; you are not a freak. You are a person like me He found it funny that I was wearing my Supergirl shirt. Go figure <3
Needless to say, my friend Juan and I have a new friend. He is homeless but he has a name. It is Nicolas Garcia Hernandez Miranda. He was a teacher for special ed students. He has an ex wife, a son Michael, and a grandson. Nicholas was born in Tampa of Spain descent.
If you know this person please contact me. We are going to continue to help him.
This story is incredible! What were the chances of her running into this man? She could have gone anywhere, been picked up by her friend, or waited at the coffee shop…but instead she ended up crossing paths with a man who needed an extra helping hand! This is a wonderful story and I hope it gets shared even more! This man needs to find his family!


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