Adorable Tea Bags Turn Into Goldfish While They Steep – Cute Or Gross?

A few years ago, 28 students worked together at St. John’s University in Taiwan to develop a fairly unusual tea bag. The little bag is made using Japanese fabric and filled with one of four types of Taiwanese tea leaves. Rose oolong, ruby black, Oriental beauty, or jin yuan fill these little fish-shaped bags. Once the tea bag is submerged in steaming water, their “bodies” begin to swell, and the string attached to its “mouth” allows the little fish to swim to and fro in the water as it steeps.
The little bags became an instant hit in Taiwan, and tea aficionados just couldn’t get enough of them. For a box of 12 goldfish-shaped tea bags, people in Taiwan pay $35 per box. Recently, the fish began to sell on Amazon, but the prices were more than double. People in America can expect to pay $80 for that same box of 12 goldfish tea bags.In Asian cultures, goldfish represent wealth and good fortune, which explains their popularity in Taiwan.
But the idea seems strange to many curious Americans who have seen the pictures.

I’ve had goldfish before,” one comment wrote. “I don’t think I’d be able to drink that tea without thinking of fish food and scummy tank water.”

The experience might not be worth the price tag for some, but the high quality of the farm-sourced tea leaves and hand-picked selections of the best plants might be enough to change a lot of minds. These bags were made with the highest quality in mind, and the cute little fish shapes make them all the more exciting.

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